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Company Profile

Company Profile: So Cal Loan Processing was founded in 2010 under the premise that the traditional way of processing loans was quickly becoming obsolete. Turning the traditional one processor model on its head, SCLP has created its own centralized processing center operating in a TEAM environment. Rather than having 1 processor available for your loans, SCLP gives you 5! With a combined experience of over 50 years, each member of your team handles a specific portion of the process insuring your loan moves quickly through the system without sacrificing the attention to detail that each portion of the process demands. With ever constricting mortgage laws taking over the industry, the low overhead that contract processing provides helps Loan Officers stay competitive. SCLP is your low cost alternative to the traditional in-house processing system that can bulk up a companies overhead. So Cal Loan Processing is proficient in Encompass, CALYX Point, DU, LP and is a fully licensed California Broker with the Department of Real Estate. Advantages of Using SCLP: Over 50 years of combined loan processing experience Lower your current overhead Avoid the stress of disclosure compliance TEAM environment ensures speed without sacrificing quality No cancellation fees if loan does not fund!